What she left behind

Year 2017 / Disciplines: Art, Paper & stickers


This work was inspired by my helper, Neme. Who has been with my family since I was a child. As she came here when her son was only a few years old, she has never had a family portrait taken with them.

Write up

What She Left Behind is a sticker portrait depicting my nanny's family, serving as a way to bring her closer to her family in the Philippines as she has been away for 13 years (As of 2017).

The use of uniformed rows of small stickers depicts a montage image which I have pieced together from separate photographs as she has not taken a family portrait with her son and husband before.

The frame is shaped after the house in Philippines that she built with the money she has earned working in Singapore, effectively housing the family portrait within it.

My trip to the Philippines

I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to take a trip to the Philippines with Neme when I graduated from SOTA.

During this trip, I stayed in her village with her family in her home on top of a mountain. It was a truly phenomenal experience where I got to try authentic Filipino cuisine like boodle fight, pancit and even a freshly caught mountain lizard. I got to immerse myself in Filipino culture and sing videoke, drink Redhorse with my new found friends.

Most importantly, I got to hang up this portrait I made for her. Scroll to the end for some images from the trip, enjoy!

Work Images

My trip to the Philippines

Rest in peace, Gener. (June 2004 - Nov 2021)