Yuan Pan 袁盘

Disciplines: Fine Arts, Ceramics, Video


Yuan-Pan is the product of a two part series made in collaboration with my family members. It features a large communal plate and 6 personalised plates made specifically for my family to use during Chinese New Year in 2018. 

By appropriating the original designs created by my family members and incorporating motifs and colours related to my house, it serves as a symbol for family reunion as this is the first time my entire family is back in Singapore since 2014. The different designs on each plate shows each individual's uniqueness, yet are all unified through the colours and patterns.

Work Images

Process Images

As this work centres around my family, I involved them in the making process where they made and designed their own plates.

The designs created were based on what they felt our family to be. I then recreated these designs to be usable for the Chinese New Year celebration.

Exhibition set-up