Year 2017 / Disciplines: Fine Arts, Ceramics


This work is an extension of 'Wong-San', a fired white stoneware bust with a silver paint finish of Mr Wong, the former superior of Madam Joyce who gave her these coins.

Inspired by her connection with her boss, I reflected on the people in my life who have made an impact on me, just like Mr Wong to Mdm Joyce.

In doing so, I realised that there are definitely more than one person who have made a difference, and decided to extend the originally portrait into smaller ones while still following the same form but adding a person touch to it.

Write up

Wang-San consists of 9 white miniature replicas of the ceramic bust 'Wong-San', each dressed in shirts of marking dots and stickers.

The 9 men serve as memory anchors for the 9-years relationship between Mdm Joyce and Mr. Wong, and their various solid colours pay homage to the colourful beaded coin purse that kept the precious coins.

The use of personal stickers from my childhood sticker book is a way for me to tie this back to those who have made a difference in my life.

Work images