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Discover the possibilities of curation and display of children's art at home.

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These are my personal favourite projects for both Design and Art.

Mono No Aware

A poetic set of stacking cups that marks the passage of time throughout a 13 course meal .


A blood haemoglobin monitor and pill dispenser for Anaemic pregnant women.


A discreet condom and lube holder that doubles as a mood lamp to spice up your intimate life.


A portrait of my helpers family, now displayed in her home in the Philippines.

Chi Mirror

A free standing mirror inspired by the Art-deco movement, designed for Scene Shang.


A silver ceramic coin bank created in collaboration with Tsao Foundation.

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Cardboard stool

A flat-packed and portable cardboard stool for Children and Adults.


A manual children's automobile that aims to help desensitise children who are afraid of loud sounds from the vacuum cleaner.

Digital Renderings

A compiled selection of digital renderings Ive done.

Physical Models

A compiled selection of marker renderings and 3D models Ive done.

Fine Arts


Wang-San is a depiction of the people who have made a difference in my life. It is part of the San series.


A compiled selection of form explorations.

Yuan Pan 袁盘

Yuan Pan is a series of plates made for my family to use during Chinese New Year louhei.

Film Photography

A series of film photographs I took on a manual film camera and self developed.