Year 2019 / Disciplines: Product Design, Product rendering, Secondary research


To select a designer that inspires you and create a product that emulates their product style. The design must embody the designers ethos and aesthetic through its rationale, design, detailing and manipulation of the given material.

The design must be limited to the following : Plastic and the final product must be Black.

Chosen Designer

I only want to do things that are very much a part of everyday life, part of popular culture. What I want to produce are a part of our contemporary popular imagination, things that create our experiences.” - Rashid, 2000

Karim Rashid is Egyptian-born and Canadian-raised industrial designer. His design ethos follows Sensual Minimalism; Soft, comfortable and human.

He is recognised for his soft and sensual forms and he makes use of plastic material and colour to create more dynamism in this 'simple' forms. By mixing opaques with transparencies and translucencies, he introduces playfulness into his designs.

I chose Karim as I like his eclectic style and use of fluid and undulating shapes in his designs.


Inspired by Karim's sensuality, I wanted to design a product for something very human in nature; Sex.

3 in 1 Function: ELEVATE combines a common product (lamp) with a ‘taboo’ function (holder for intimate products) to create a statement piece for your bedside table.

  1. Condom Holder : Keeps your condoms within arms reach and safe from possible external risks.

  2. Personal Lubricant Holder : The holder allows you to place your choice of personal lubricant together with your condoms, just incase.

  3. Moodlight : For those who need a little light or for those who want to put on a show, the moodlight has various settings which allow you to spice things up while still functioning as a light piece.

It combines 3 methods of plastic manipulation: 3D printing, Acrylic Laser cutting and epoxy resin.

Product Renderings

Modelled in Rhino 3D, Rendered in Keyshot 9.

Physical Model

3D printed ABS, 2cm Acrylic sheet and Epoxy Resin.

Making process

  1. Plastic studies

  2. Failed first attempt & raw translucent 3D printed lid.

  3. Translucency of the raw lid & resin process

  4. Texture of resin over the 3D printed lid